Flamingo-reffic Party!

Home Party? Children’s Party?

Let’s try to make it unique! Instead of having the usual themes, why not make it a “Flamingo Themed Party”!


Here’s some DIY Flamingo Party stuff that you can use.

printable invites

  1. Flamingo Printable Invites – Get “printable” flamingos online and cut it out. Make it personalized and add some decorations on it. It’ll be fun!







  1. Flamingo Piñata -Start by cutting out your cardboard shapes. You’ll need two flamingo shapes (I just freehanded them while looking at a flamingo pic online!), a few long pieces of 3″ wide cardboard (for the sides) and two skinny pieces for the legs. Then cut a bunch of strips of 1″ wide fringe. (click here for detailed steps).






flamingo party table

  1. Table – Make it Adorable! Add some flamingo shaped balloons on it! Flamingo-Party-Decor

         (image from prettymyparty.com)

Have a Fabolous Flamingorrefffic Party!

Thank you kindly for checking us out!

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